Balancing Mind & Soul at Mabon

Balancing Mind And Soul at Mabon

There’s an ongoing reciprocal relationship between the mind, soul, and the body. Each impacts and is impacted by the other. When we’re in balance, we tend to be calm, healthy, and happy. If something happens that upsets this balance, we can usually cope because each part backs up the other.

For example, if you’re in balance, but you get sick, your body is under strain. Although it might cause some negative thinking, your mind should remain positive at its core, and your soul will stay at peace. The strength of your mind and soul will encourage healing, and your outlook will focus on recuperating. The same happens during brief periods of stress. There’s too much on your plate, and your mind is jumping from one thing to the next, but your body and soul offer support. Physically, you can find relief through exercise and spiritually, through meditation.

The soul, however, is a very different matter. Injury to the soul can come into this life with us as part of our life purpose. It’s related to trauma and harm we experienced in past lives that were never acknowledged, addressed, or healed. One of your life purposes this time around is to heal your soul so that it can continue both wiser and unburdened. We can also have our soul damaged in this lifetime through extreme wrongs or trauma. Damage to the soul is never trivial and may include murdering or being murdered, life-threatening assault, substance abuse, homelessness and being unwanted, the trauma of war, famine or other natural disasters, and childhood rejection or betrayal, such as incest.

What Happens When the Mind and Soul are at Odds?

When we come into this world with wounds on our soul, we obviously are unaware of them. If we’re exposed to extreme trauma in this life, we’re better equipped to help ourselves.

How do you know if you were born to heal a broken soul?

There are usually symptoms that arise in childhood. They include irrational fears of things, like knives (you might have been stabbed to death in a past life). Or you could have unexplained pain in an area of your body that has no medical cause (maybe a painful, past life disability?). Low levels of anxiety in a child with no cause, etc. As we grow older, these hurts can manifest as addictions or self-destructive behaviors. Patterns of choosing bad relationships is a form of self-destructive behavior too. The person feels undeserving of love, and they choose damaged people so that they can heal them and ‘earn’ their love.

Another symptom of unresolved past life pain is the rejection of any higher power, god, universal energy, or spirituality. It might be because the soul believes that it was betrayed by the god who was there for support. In this lifetime, full control over one’s own destiny is desire; The pain of the soul manifests in behaviors that cause more hurt.

When we can trace the imbalance to events in our current life, we can deal with them more easily, but we must acknowledge them first. That can be challenging because many people try to suppress pain to make it go away. Over time, they begin to deny it and tell themselves it never mattered. It could be anything and range from bullying at school, to date rape, or the death of a parent in your formative years. The mind tries to live beyond it, but the soul continues to weep. There’s a disconnect!

Symptoms of a Mind and Soul that are out of Balance

The soul can soothe and calm the mind much more easily that the mind can soothe the soul. That’s because our minds exist at our level of consciousness. The soul, however, exists beyond our consciousness at the level of the higher self and beyond. That doesn’t mean that our soul doesn’t reach out, though. Signs that your soul needs healing include:

  • Submissiveness and allowing others to push you around
  • Indecisiveness to the extent that fear of making a decision can leave you stagnated
  • Irrational fears, phobias, and excessive worrying over irrational things
  • Seeking approval and love from damaged or unavailable people
  • Substance abuse and accepting abusive relationships
  • Low levels of self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence
  • Anger issues, inability to feel empathy and compassion, and using people for self-gain

There are many other ways that a broken soul can cry out, but these are the most common. Signs can range from mild to extreme, but there will always be a feeling of disconnectedness.

How do you Get Yourself Back into Alignment?

It’s crucial to acknowledge that your mind and soul are out of balance, that you often feel unhappy (and even depressed), and that it’s your responsibility to heal yourself. If you know what caused the harm, it can be easy to blame past events or people for how you feel. Doing that just delays healing. If you don’t know the cause, then it’s part of your current life purpose to repair what was left broken in a previous life.

When you know the cause and depending on the severity, the kindest thing that you can do for yourself is to reach out to a healer so that you can talk about it. Secrets are like an invisible poison that slowly eats away at us.

If you don’t know the cause, and depending on the severity, a few past life regression sessions can help you access the life where the trauma happened. With anything in life, once we know what we’re dealing with, we can make a plan to fix it, and our emotions are no different.

If your symptoms are mild, you can do self-work to help yourself heal. I would only recommend this, though, if you understand your pain and have plenty of experience at accessing your higher-self and going beyond the veil. If you are still inexperienced or lack confidence, work with a trusted friend or with a spiritual healer.

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