.5-1# Star Agate Polished
.5-1# Star Agate Polished $115.79

Each of these agate stars are unique with their amazing details and inclusions.Most pieces are offering clusters within there inclusions or incredible swirls of colors.You will receive one star weighing between.50lb - 1lb sold by weight only and colors, inclusions, sizes and shapes will very between each piece.

1 + 1 +
1 +" Hematite Point $14.70

Small yet powerful hematite points.These would make great points for for a crystal grid.Hematite is a powerful grounding stone for strength, love, courage, memory, anxiety, and panic attacks.1" plus in size from brazil.

1 1-2 +
1 1-2 +" Angel Aura Qtz Point $25.95

Angel aura quartz gets its amazing iridescent rainbow colors through a special coating process.This is a high vibrating crystal that will offer insight and divine connection.May also help you with balance, integration of the light body on this earth plane.Each point is unique in size, shape, colors and inclusions.1 1/2" plus in height and made in china.

1 1-2
1 1-2" Ankh Pendant Sterling $29.59

Enchantingly crafted of sterling silver, this pendant is sculpted into the shape of an ankh, the egyptian symbol of everlasting life.No cord.Silver.1 1/2 x 3/4

1 1-2
1 1-2" Baphomet Chalice $35.20

Displaying the baphomet goat skull upon a inverted pentacle, adorned with knotwork designs and a removable stainless goblet insert, for easy cleaning.This chalice has been sculpted from cold cast resin to created an impressively detailed vessel for the altar.7 1/2" x 3 1/2"

1 1-2
1 1-2" Gabriel Orgone Moonstone & Quartz $20.33

Orgone is a blend of copper and other metals, resin and semi- precious stones it purifies the atmosphere, assists in blocking electromagnetic pollution, and aids healing practices.

1 1-2
1 1-2" Pentagram Amulet $19.20

This lead free pewter pentagram amulet, pendant, measures 1 1/2" (2" in length including cord loop) in width.Made in u.S.A.Comes with cord.

1 1-2
1 1-2" Raphael Orgone Amethyst & Green Aventurine $20.33

The orgonite pendant is designed to balance your energy field.Archangel raphael is one of the seven archangels who are the pillars of creation.

1 1-2
1 1-2" Resin Skull Key Ring (assorted Colors) $11.93

1 1/2" resin skull key ring (assorted colors), sold separately, our choice.

1 1-2
1 1-2" Selenite Ball Stand $15.83

Keep your gazing ball charged up while it rest on this amazing stand.Selenite is a high vibrating form of gypsum that will vibrate the energy of protection, good luck, and will clean, clear and open all chakras.Selenite is salt based, do not get wet or it will start to break down.Selenite ball stand stands 1 1/2"+ sizes and shapes will vary.

1 1-2
1 1-2" Uriel Orgone Quartz & Citrine $20.33

This is a stunning orgone pendant crafted with natural citrine and clear quartz crystal chips mixed with copper shavings and encased in orgone (heat treated).

1 1-2
1 1-2"+ Smoky Quartz Obelisk $21.45

Smoky quartz point generator.Smokey quartz focuses on cleaning human consciousness, detoxifying, fear, depression, negativity, and will bring calm.1"+ per piece sizes and shapes will vary.From china.

1 1-4
1 1-4" Ankh Diffuser Amulet $15.83

Lowell hill pendants may be used as an aid for aromatherapy or as an amulet for magical workings.The ankh is the ancient egyptian symbol of life, combining both the feminine and the masculine.Carry the ankh when you are involved in any form of creative work, especially work that honors your deities.Made in u.Sa.

1 1-4 1 1-4
1 1-4" Ankh Sterling $28.20

The egyptian symbol of everlasting life.This pendant is finely sculpted into the shape of an ankh, no cord.1 to top of bail x just under 3/8.

1 1-4
1 1-4" Pair Angel Wings Sterling Pendant $20.33

Angel wings pendant.Measuring 1 1/4" x 1" with no cord.Stamped.925 sterling silver.