Star Fairy Amulet
Star Fairy Amulet $20.33

Star fairy amulet.Since the ancient times people have respected the forces of nature, seeing divinity in mother earth, the sun, the moon, and in all life.The creative energies of the universe are represented by celestial bodies, personified as feminine and masculine, and honored in rituals celebrating cycles of the year.Hangs 2" and over an 1" wide.

Wicca Well Being Amulet
Wicca Well Being Amulet $20.33

Wicca well being amulet.The chalice symbolizes the eternal feminine and its' properties of cleansing, regeneration and emotions.Lead free pewter with amulet measuring 1 3/4" with a cord.

Mr. Money Talisman
Mr. Money Talisman $24.83

This mr.Money talisman is intended to be worn upon the included cord to help bring you money and good fortune.Fobs and colors vary.Has cord.Pewter.1

Wicca Attraction Amulet Wicca Attraction Amulet
Wicca Attraction Amulet $20.33

This amulet uses this powerful symbolism to empower your spells, particularly love spells and spells of money drawing.Made in usa.Has cord.Pewter.1 1/2 x1

Ankh Amulet Ankh Amulet
Ankh Amulet $19.20

This stylized ankh is smooth and is a benevolent symbol of the key to the eternal life and strength in this life.Lead free pewter ankh amulet, 1 3/4".With cord.Made in u.Sa.

Wicca Protection Amulet Wicca Protection Amulet
Wicca Protection Amulet $20.33

This amulet is a powerful aid in keeping evil spirits and curses from reaching the intended target, offering protection to the wearer.Made in usa.Has cord.Pewter.1.

Love Llama Key Ring Love Llama Key Ring
Love Llama Key Ring $15.83

The totem of the llama is a symbol of strength, perseverance, communication, confidence and often success.

Wicca Spiritual Rebirth Amulet Wicca Spiritual Rebirth Amulet
Wicca Spiritual Rebirth Amulet $20.33

The pentagram representing a mortal life and the cauldron the womb, this amulet is a powerful aid in your search for spiritual rebirth.Made in usa.Has cord.Pewter.1 3/4 x 3/4

Baphomet (sabbatic Goat)
Baphomet (sabbatic Goat) $19.20

Depicting the image of baphomet, this amulet can aid in invoking the god as a masculine balance for the goddess.Made in usa.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1 1/4"

Norse Pride Talisman
Norse Pride Talisman $20.33

This amulet bears thors head within his hammer, his beard twirled into celtic knotwork.A powerful symbol of strength, power and eternal protection.Has cord.Pewter.1 1/2" x 1 1/4" made in usa

Huayruro Amulet Keyring
Huayruro Amulet Keyring $21.45

Hand made huayruro seed key chain.The red and black seeds are said to bring good fortune and abundance, while warding off negative energy.The huayruro tree (ormosia coccinea) is native to peru, and has been an important part of peruvian culture for centuries.

Wiccan Goddess Amulet
Wiccan Goddess Amulet $19.20

Sky clad woman holding torque of power with the symbols of moon and gender.Behind her is a pentagram.Start any new with the energy of her and the 5 elements.Made in the u.S.A.Lead free pewter.Silver toned and has cord 1 3/4".

Gambling Charm
Gambling Charm $15.83

Etched with magical symbols, this powerful amulet is intended to aid you in winning games of chance and bringing money into your life.Made in usa.No cord.Lead free pewter.3/4".

Venus Rising Celestial Amulet
Venus Rising Celestial Amulet $20.33

A moon made partly with celtic knotwork and a manmade gem between the tips of the crescent, this amulet is great for love spells, and magic of passion.Has cord.Pewter.1 1/4" made in usa

Cross Pocket Stone
Cross Pocket Stone $11.33

The cross pocket stone features the cut out of a cross in a pewter stone.Pewter.1" x 5/8" made in usa