4.75" X 8" Raven- Pentagram Ches $35.20

Beautiful large wooded carved chest to hold anything special to you! depiction of a crow, pentacles, and branches are uniquely carved into this piece.4.25" tall.

Antiqued Triple Moon Altar Table 6 Antiqued Triple Moon Altar Table 6
Antiqued Triple Moon Altar Table 6" $34.40

This small antiqued altar table features the symbol of the triple moon in representation of the maiden, mother, and crone, and can readily fit in many travel bags.6 x 6 x 4"

15 1-2 15 1-2
15 1-2" Dia Witches Apprentice Glass Altar Table $55.22

You feel the magic of this glass top table through its vibrant colored images.Magical black cat sits behind a large crystal ball that looks like it is glowing.Bright colorful mystical table.15 1/2" wide top and 15 1/2" tall with 3 screw on legs.Measurements may vary slightly.

Triangle Wood Box 4
Triangle Wood Box 4" X 6" $25.95

Triangle wood box.Triple interlocking triangle symbols are most associated with the old norse and germanic.Fallen warrior knot - "valknut".Size 4" x 6"

6 3-4
6 3-4" X 9 3-4" Makeup Pouch Spirit Board $25.95

Large pouch with a spirit board image on front and back.Great pouch large enough to carry your essentials around in.Zipper closure with a planchette hanging from zipper.Silver with an iridescent finish.

3" Hamsa W Chakra Stones Box $23.70

Round hamsa hand box with lid.Great details carved into this solid resin piece and with the 7 chakra colors down the center of the hand.Base measures 3 1/4" and 2" tall.

4" X 5 3-4" Pentagram Book Box $28.79

Great keepsakes box that looks like a book of shadows.Hinged top allows the book to open revealing a safe spot for all your special items.Painted black solid resin box with gold details.1 1/4" depth.

Hecate Triple Pentagram Treasure Chest
Hecate Triple Pentagram Treasure Chest $29.59

Featuring the triple moon and pentagram design associated with the triple goddess 8 x 5 x 4.Made in india from sheesham wood a native tree to india.

Tree Of Life Herb Box 4
Tree Of Life Herb Box 4" X 6" $28.20

The tree of life herb box offers you a place to store your herbs and ritual tools while accenting your sacred space with the image of the tree of life.4 x6

Rosewood Filigree Box
Rosewood Filigree Box $12.45

A simple filigree box made from rosewood with brass plate sides and decorative brass inlays dotting the top.Used for holding scented resin to gently fill an area with scent.Inside - 2 1/4 x 1 1/4 x 3/4