Norse Pride Talisman
Norse Pride Talisman $20.33

This amulet bears thors head within his hammer, his beard twirled into celtic knotwork.A powerful symbol of strength, power and eternal protection.Has cord.Pewter.1 1/2" x 1 1/4" made in usa

Celtic Dragon Amulet
Celtic Dragon Amulet $20.33

A symbol of raw, elemental nature, the celtic dragon on this amulet is a powerful aid in helping to draw upon these raw elements.Has cord.Pewter.1 1/2" x 1".Made in usa

Dragon Moon Celestial Amulet
Dragon Moon Celestial Amulet $20.33

Displaying a dragon curled as though it were the crescent moon, this amulet is a great focus to for helping to draw lunar energies.Has cord.Pewter.1 1/4" x 1".Made in usa

Rune Of Wealth Amulet
Rune Of Wealth Amulet $19.20

The rune of wealth amulet depicts a runic inscription intended to help bring the wearer prosperity.Made in u.S.A.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1" x 1/2"

Celtic Cross Amulet
Celtic Cross Amulet $19.20

The celtic cross, is one of the few symbols to have survived the christianization of the european continent and retain its meaning and use virtually unchanged.Has cord.Pewter.1 7/8 x 1 3/8.Made in usa.

Celtic Knot Pentagram Amulet
Celtic Knot Pentagram Amulet $19.20

Drawing upon the infinite knotwork of celtic design, this pentagram is a powerful tool for growth, prosperity and fertility.Made in usa.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1" made in usa.

Dragon And Phoenix Amulet
Dragon And Phoenix Amulet $19.20

A double sided pewter amulet with the image of a dragon offering prosperity and good fortune, and the image of a phoenix bringing change and rebirth.Made in u.S.A.Has cord.Pewter.1".

Nathair Amulet
Nathair Amulet $20.33

Inspired and created around the celtic word for snake, nathair, this amulet is a token intended to bring wisdom and guidance into your life.Has cord.Pewter.1 1/4" made in usa

Guard Against Negative Forces Runic Amulet
Guard Against Negative Forces Runic Amulet $19.20

This runic amulet has been crafted to protect you from all manner of evil intentions, negative forces, energies and curses.Made in usa.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1" x 3/4"

Viking Protection Talisman
Viking Protection Talisman $15.83

This norse talisman shows an ancient viking symbol of protection for you to wear and find help in.Made in usa.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1".Made in usa.

Norse New Beginning Amulet
Norse New Beginning Amulet $19.20

Symbolizing new beginnings, this norse asatru amulet depicts lif (life) and lifthrasir (eager for life) after ragnarok in a remade world.Has cord.Lead free pewter.2 1/2 x 1 3/4.Made in u.Sa.

Celtic Greenman Amulet
Celtic Greenman Amulet $20.33

Displaying the greenman, the traditional symbol for natures rebirth, this amulet is a powerful aid in seeking transformation and rebirth of your own.Has cord.Pewter.1 1/4" made in usa

Midnight Dragon Amulet
Midnight Dragon Amulet $20.33

The midnight dragon amulet depicts a dragon resting upon the slumbering moon as a powerful focus both for the raw and celestial energies.Has cord.Pewter.1 1/2" x 1" made in usa

Tree Of Life Above & Below Amulet
Tree Of Life Above & Below Amulet $19.20

The tree of life with its branches and roots interwoven to join the upper and lower portions of the tree symbolically completing the circle of life.Made in usa.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1.Made in usa.

Lancelot's Crest Amulet
Lancelot's Crest Amulet $19.20

Capturing the romantic spirit of lancelot, this amulet will help you win the lover you desire.Made in u.S.A.Has cord.Lead free pewter.2 1/4' x 1 3/4".