Triple Moon Pentagram Tote Bag
Triple Moon Pentagram Tote Bag $18.08

Representative of the triple goddess and her mystic wisdom, this tote bag displays a triple moon symbol with a pentagram.Double sided.18 x 18

Celtic Knot Tote Bag
Celtic Knot Tote Bag $18.08

This 100% cotton tote bag, displaying a celtic knot; an ancient symbol for the interconnected nature of all things.18 x 18

Celtic Dragon Tote Bag
Celtic Dragon Tote Bag $18.08

Displaying the pattern of a celtic dragon, inspired by the designs of the ancient celts, perfect for carrying everything from ritual tools and yoga gear to groceries.Double sided.18 x 18

Sun And Moon Tote Bag
Sun And Moon Tote Bag $18.08

This tote bag is a great way to go green and celebrate the balance found in all things celestial and otherwise.Single sided.18 x 18.

Pentagram Goddess Tote Bag
Pentagram Goddess Tote Bag $18.08

Featuring gold and black images on its 100% cotton surface, this tote bag is bordered in intricate celtic knots while focusing on a complex pentagram.Double sided.18 x 18

18" X 18" Elephant Tote Bag $18.08

Tie dyed elephant and tree on black.100% cotton.

Peace Sign Tote Bag
Peace Sign Tote Bag $18.08

Boldly displaying a peace sign, this black, cotton tote bag is accented by swirling tie-dye designs.Double sided.18" x 18"

Cernunnos Sew-on Patch 3
Cernunnos Sew-on Patch 3" $14.70

A golden cernunnos, lord of the hunt, as depicted on the gundestrap cauldron, against a green background, with gold edging and an interwoven red pentagram between his antlers.This sew-on patch measures 3"

Celtic Pentacle Bag
Celtic Pentacle Bag $18.08

This 100% cotton tote bag features a celtic knot work designs and an upright pentacle decorating both of its sides.18 x 18

Leafy Pentagram Patch 3
Leafy Pentagram Patch 3" $14.70

An interwoven silver pentagram, surrounded by heart-shaped green ivy leaves on a black background, with a bright blue border.This patch measures 3" diameter.

Eye Of Horus Sew-on Patch 3
Eye Of Horus Sew-on Patch 3" $14.70

Multicolored eye of horus on black background with yellow edging.Metallic gold stitching accents the eye.Sew-on.3"

Green Man Iron-on Patch 3
Green Man Iron-on Patch 3" $14.70

This patch depicts the legendary green man, his green and black face is highly contrasted against a brown background, and a golden border encloses the iron-on 3 diameter patch.

Paleo Shaman Iron-on Patch 3
Paleo Shaman Iron-on Patch 3" $14.70

Depicting one of the oldest cave paintings in europe, this patch displays what appears to be a man within the body of an animal - an image generally known as the paleo shaman.Iron-on.3"

Oak Leaf Pentagram Iron-on Patch 3
Oak Leaf Pentagram Iron-on Patch 3" $14.70

This patch displays an intertwined gold pentagram with 5 oak leaves spread atop it, and an acorn in the center, with a bright green border.Iron-on.3"

Wolf Sew-on Patch 3
Wolf Sew-on Patch 3" $14.70

The moon, large and full in the background surrounded by stars in the foreground is a large, gray mountain wolf; head reared back bellowing a cry to the moon above.Sew-on.