Triskele Shield Amulet
Triskele Shield Amulet $20.33

Displaying a triskele upon a round shield, this amulet represents the cycle of mind, body and spirit, and can aid you in your search for spiritual growth.Has cord.Pewter.1 1/4" made in usa

Well Cover Amulet
Well Cover Amulet $20.33

This amulet draws upon those healing energies said to reside within the chalice well in glastonbury, also known as the red well of the goddess.Has cord.Pewter.1 1/4" made in usa

Triquetra Amulet
Triquetra Amulet $19.20

A classic depiction of the triquetra in the center of a more stylized larger one, forming the cut out pattern of this unique piece.Fine detailing across bail, and background really accentuates design.1 1/2" sizes will vary.

1" Triquetra Amulet $16.95

A silver tone lead free pewter triquetra amulet formed of celtic knots.Has cord, 1".

Goddess Of Fertility Amulet
Goddess Of Fertility Amulet $20.33

This amulet displays the goddess, framed within he raised arms with a spiral pattern marking her womb.Has cord.Pewter.1 1/2" x 1/2".Made in usa