Baphomet (sabbatic Goat)
Baphomet (sabbatic Goat) $19.20

Depicting the image of baphomet, this amulet can aid in invoking the god as a masculine balance for the goddess.Made in usa.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1 1/4"

Gambling Charm
Gambling Charm $15.83

Etched with magical symbols, this powerful amulet is intended to aid you in winning games of chance and bringing money into your life.Made in usa.No cord.Lead free pewter.3/4".

Baphomet Goat Amulet
Baphomet Goat Amulet $19.20

This famous symbol of goat head on inverted pentacle is an old symbol.The goat head in many eastern paths is karmic or relating to earthly unity yet for some it is the sabbatic goat.Large well made pendant with raised features and fixed bale.Lead free pewter - with cord.2".Made in u.Sa.

Provide Invisibility Amulet
Provide Invisibility Amulet $19.20

Drawing upon the powers of the sun, this amulet is intended to aid in spells of invisibility and misdirection.Made in usa.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1"

Hexagram Of Solomon Amulet
Hexagram Of Solomon Amulet $19.20

This famed magical seal is designed to lure in and bind spirits, making them obedient to the wearer.Made in u.S.A.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1".

Solomon's Magic Triangle
Solomon's Magic Triangle $19.20

This talisman is like that used by solomon to bind evil spirits within their prisons.Made in usa.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1"

Saturn Seal Of Protection
Saturn Seal Of Protection $19.20

This seal of protection wards off curses, hexes, black magic and ill luck.Made in usa.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1"

Good Luck Horseshoe
Good Luck Horseshoe $12.45

Known in lore for its magical ability, this talisman is intended to bring good luck in your way and help ward away evil.No cord.Brass plated lead free pewter.3/4" x 1/2" made in usa

Goat Head 666 Amulet
Goat Head 666 Amulet $19.20

A medallion displaying a pentagram with a sabbatic goat head and the symbolic number 666 displayed at the top along with other mystic symbols.Made in usa.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1.Made in u.Sa.

Solomon's Magic Circle Amulet
Solomon's Magic Circle Amulet $19.20

The circle of solomon is worn hanging from the neck, just as solomon had done, to protect you from evil spirits.Made in usa.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1 1/2"

Third Pentacle Of The Sun Talisman
Third Pentacle Of The Sun Talisman $19.20

Laden with many magical sigils, this potent amulet grants the ability to acquire riches, glory and renown.Made in usa.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1".Made in usa.

Gnostic Amulet
Gnostic Amulet $19.20

Engraved with gnostic symbols, this is intended to provide blessings of love, health, strength, wealth and protection.Made in u.S.A.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1 1/4.

Abracadabra Amulet
Abracadabra Amulet $19.20

Abracadabra is an ancient healing spell from rome.Said nine times, dropping the last letter each time, diminishing illness.Made in usa.Has cord.Lead free pewter.3/4.Made in usa.

Money Spell Pendant
Money Spell Pendant $25.95

Spell pendant for money.Wear this pendant and say "money is my tool, forever shall it be always' drawn to me.This saying is engraved on the back of this piece.1.25" with an aura bead in the center makes this a special piece.No cord.

Magic Hexagram Amulet
Magic Hexagram Amulet $19.20

The hexagram has been used as a magical symbol for thousands of years as a form that can act as a portal to the spirit world.Has cord.Lead free pewter.3/4.Made in usa.