White Selenite Wand
White Selenite Wand $13.58

This selenite wand is a powerful aid in seeking mental clarity or in channeling energies, and can be used to aid in seeking contact with spirits, angels, and other such entities.Varies in length.5 - 6".

Copper 7 Chakra Healing Wand Copper 7 Chakra Healing Wand
Copper 7 Chakra Healing Wand $31.58

Featuring a copper shaft approximately 4 1/2", this copper healing wand features seven colored stones corresponding to each of the chakras to aid in physical and spiritual healing.Natural quartz ball on end that may have natural inclusions.

3" Chakra Healing Wand $31.58

This small chakra healing wand features seven colored stones, one for each of the chakras, running up its silver length which ends in a quartz tip.

5 1-2
5 1-2" Rose Quartz Healing Wand $40.00

This beautiful rose quartz wand is filled with unconditional love and ready to do some loving healing to you or your environment.The quartz ball point will direct the energy to where it needs to be while the sphere on the other end will emit the energy in all directions.Detailed silver toned accents.

8 1-2
8 1-2" Ball & Chakra Stones Wand $24.83

The carved design of this wand is intricately detailed and impressive.Flowers and swirled designs create the pattern of this wand.Topped with a fuchsia colored ball sitting on a lotus flower.Gold toned with the chakra colored gems along the front.

9" Pentagram Wand $22.58

Enjoy the feel of this wand with all the grooves and knots replicating a real tree.Bark is swirling up through the base and creating a branch hand that holds the pentagram.3 carved gems on branch hands with of this piece with impressive details.Resin wand.

9 1-4
9 1-4" Snake Wand $24.83

This is a realistic stick wand with a snake coiling up the branch, resting upon the top is a black ball.Snake spirit represents healing and transformation within this powerful piece.

9 1-2
9 1-2" Blond Elf Wand $22.58

Beautiful female elf with long braids wrapping around this resin wand.Great realistic details and colors in this faux wood carved design and crystal crown.Use this powerful symbolic to draw protective circles, healing, and light energy.9 1/2" long.

9" Wizard Skull Wand $22.58

Great details and texture in this resin wizard wand.Intense design offering a darker feel in this magic tool.Skull is detailed with deep set red glowing eyes.Use this wand in your practice to draw protective circles, healing, and light energy.9 1/2" long.

Magic Wand Stand
Magic Wand Stand $28.20

Great piece for displaying your collection of wands.Your wands will stand out in this realistic natural looking piece.Solid resin piece that will hold 6 wands.Could be used for pens or pencils as well.Wands sold separately.Length 4 1/2", width 2 3/4", height 2 3/4".

9" Greenman Wand $22.58

Powerful greenman resin wand with amazing details.Greenman is a symbol of the cycle of life, death and rebirth.Making this a great new piece for your practice.Use this wand in a variety of ways including, drawing protective circles, healing, and drawing in light energy.9 1/2"

9" Wizard Wand $22.58

Cast your next circles using this powerful resin wizard wand.Great details in the designing of this one.Purple wizard hat and a beard that wraps around almost the whole length of the wand.Use this wand to draw circles, healing, and drawing in light energy.9 1/2" long.

Copper Healing Wand 7
Copper Healing Wand 7" $30.39

This is a beautiful hand-crafted copper wand.It has a crystal ball on one end and a clear crystal point on the other to help the transfer of healing energy.7".

8" Money Wand $32.80

Featuring gemstones on either end with symbols of wealth in its shaft, this is a powerful aid in channeling energy for money spells.Various metal decorations & stones.Sold individually.8

Twisted Rosewood Healing Wand 8
Twisted Rosewood Healing Wand 8" $31.19

A wonderful twisted healing wand capped at both ends with quartz crystal.Metal decoration may vary.Jewel decoration may vary (including lack of).Shape will vary, about8