Red Sandalwood Prayer Mala 7mm
Red Sandalwood Prayer Mala 7mm $29.32

Intended for ritual prayer, these prayer mala beads have been carved of red sandalwood to form 7mm beads.34"

8mm Rose Wood- Turquoise
8mm Rose Wood- Turquoise $15.83

Light weight rose wood mala bracelet.Used to count mantras in meditation or as a tactile tool to keep focus.8mm with a tuorquoise bead.Made in inda.

Hematite (man-made) Japmala
Hematite (man-made) Japmala $21.45

This mala is quite heavy.The hematite contains a lot of iron which for some is grounding an earthly.Whether using traditionally or in modern traditions this has a deep meaningful appearance of grayish silver.Hematite (man-made) japmala, 108 beads on cord with tassel.8mm round.

Rainbow Stone Elastic Mala
Rainbow Stone Elastic Mala $33.60

Mala beads have been traditionally used for prayer and meditation and when worn may aid in a calmer mind, body, and spirit.

Rosewood & Turquoise Japmala
Rosewood & Turquoise Japmala $23.70

Rosewood beads with turquoise, carnelian, and metal disc beads create this mala.Wood and stone color enhanced for uniformity.Corded wood beads makes a lighter weight strand often easier for transport in pocket or purse.Tassel with stones.108 beads.

Tiger Eye & Black Agate Buddhist Wheel Elastic Mala
Tiger Eye & Black Agate Buddhist Wheel Elastic Mala $28.79

Browns and gold with the shimmer noted in the tiger eye gem, make this a unique piece.Tiger eye & black agate may assist with new beginnings, worries, fears, peace, grounding and moving on! buddhist wheel elastic corded mala, 108 beads with tassel.8mm round.

Amethyst Mala 5.5mm
Amethyst Mala 5.5mm $40.81

A prayer mala made of polished amethyst beads and joined and ended in a tassel.5.5mm beads 36"