Vibrational Sound Healing By Erica Longdon
Vibrational Sound Healing By Erica Longdon $30.48

All sound and vibration affect us.From the moment of birth, even in the womb, every word, thought, or sound we encounter is important and powerful, nourishing or toxic.When we understand the powerful effects of sound and vibration, we can consciously apply them for our health and well-being.In this practical and accessible guide, erica longdon explains the therapeutic and healing impact of sound, frequency, and vibration on the body, mind, and spirit.She shows how sound therapy triggers the bodys natural self-healing mechanisms and offers a non-invasive way to permeate every cell of the body with healing intentions.She presents a wide range of sound-healing methods and vibrational practices and explores tools such as tuning forks, gongs, singing bowls, drumming, chakra chants, and angelic vibrations as well as cymatics, the study of wave phenomena, which makes sound visible.She explains how to use different sound healing methods and offers instructions both for self-treatment and as preparation if you go see a sound therapist.She reveals how each of us has a sound healing tool at our disposal, our own voice and provides simple practices and exercises such as humming, vowel toning, and affirmations that you can begin using right away for self-healing.She also explores the power of silence and how even our inner vibrations, thoughts and intentions affect us sonically and can be used for vibrational healing.Offering a natural way to treat pain and illness, this guide gives you the tools to connect with your inner healer, restore balance and harmony, and harness the power of vibration for sound health.A 5.38" x 8.25" paperback book with 176 pages.

Plant Spirit Reiki By Fay Johnstone
Plant Spirit Reiki By Fay Johnstone $26.14

In this practical workbook, fay johnstone demonstrates how energy healers and reiki practitioners can partner with plant spirit allies and the forces of nature for powerful healing for themselves, others, and our planet.She explains how to include plants and nature in your reiki practice, both the spiritual/etheric components of plants and the physical plants themselves.She offers many practical exercises, techniques, and meditations as well as case studies and personal experiences to show how best to harness the power of plants on all levels, along with other energy flows, to support the healing process in much the same way that crystals are used as energetic healing aids.She explains how plants connect with the reiki principles and explores plant spirit allies, chakra work, and healing with the elements of nature.She details how to enhance self-healing and reiki treatments for others through bringing the outside in, creating a healing space, use of plant preparations, and other sacred forms of plant medicine.Fay also explores how to support the healing of plants and nature itself through your reiki/healing practice.She provides guidance on how to raise the vibration of your home and community, how to impact nature positively with regard to climate change, and how to send distance healing to the earth, nature beings, and endangered habitats across the world.She inspires you to reach out to the vital force that flows through the natural world and open your intuition to discover guidance and support from nature.By deepening our conscious cooperation and partnership with nature and the plant kingdom, in a sacred healing way, we come to recognize that in healing ourselves, we are also healing our earth.A 6" x 9" paperback book with 224 pages.

Year Of The Witch By Temperance Alden Year Of The Witch By Temperance Alden
Year Of The Witch By Temperance Alden $30.43

When we think of the wheel of the year, the wiccan wheel with its celebrations of the yule, beltane, mabon, and samhain come to mind.But what about a wheel of the year for the rest of us pagans and witches? as a witch living in sunny south florida, longtime hereditary witch temperance alden has often felt at odds gearing up to celebrate yule, for example, when it is 76 degrees and sunny outside.Year of the witch will help readers create their own intuitive practices in harmony with the climate, culture, and local spirits where they live.Its of interest to witches coming off the wiccan path and looking for a more personal approach to celebrating the rhythms of nature.Year of the witch covers all aspects of this new, seasonal practice.A 6" x 8" paperback book with 224 pages.

Teach Your Child Meditation By Lisa Roberts
Teach Your Child Meditation By Lisa Roberts $31.93

Even children need to learn ways to calm and center themselves.With its hands-on exercises, teach your child meditation gives kids ages 5-12 important tools to relieve anxiety, cultivate mindfulness, and gain confidence.More than 70 illustrated exerciseswhich all have fun names like funny bunny breath and elephant showerare organized to highlight their special benefits: choose from such categories as hocus pocus, i can focus, the chill zone, stress busters, or a section with group exercises that teachers and parents alike will love.Whether the goal is for a child to sleep better, concentrate before a big test or game, or enjoy some much-needed relaxation, this guide helps anyone who loves and plays with children to introduce them to the many benefits of meditation.

Prosperity Magick Spells For Wealth (hc) By Cassandra Eason
Prosperity Magick Spells For Wealth (hc) By Cassandra Eason $26.10

We all want the comfort of financial security and the pleasures it bringsas well as the satisfaction of being rewarded for our hard work and achieving a better quality of life.From getting a much-needed promotion to striking it big in the lottery, from dealing with emotional disputes over money to savings and overcoming debt, this comprehensive compendium contains an encyclopedic variety of spells for wealth and prosperity.It tells you what youll need to do to carry out each spellincluding using colors, crystals, metals, herbs, and fragrancesand the best time to cast it, and provides detailed instructions to guide you every step along the way.A 5.7" x 6.5" hardcover book with 384 pages.

Little Bit Mindfulness Journal Guided Journal
Little Bit Mindfulness Journal Guided Journal $27.42

Mindfulness can help you be present and peaceful in the moment.Using this journal, you can access a deeper creativity, create a healthier body, and learn techniques for mindful eating and drinking, handling emotions, dealing with relationships, and observing your own thoughts.This attractive journal gives you a brand-new way to interact with the spiritually enlightening material in a little bit of mindfulness.The beautiful design features an elastic band.A 5.2" x 7.1" flexibound book with 192 pages.

Love Spells (hc) By Shawn Engel
Love Spells (hc) By Shawn Engel $27.42

Modern magic is all about self-care and using your inner powers to make positive changes in your lifeand thats what cosmopolitan has always been about.Now the authority on love and sex provides readers with a clear path to navigate their amorous adventures by casting simple and effective spells.These powerful incantations include charms for turning lust into love, recovering from a bad breakup, or increasing intimacy between you and your bae in the bedroom.Youll also learn how to craft your own spells, set up an altar, source popular spell ingredients, and more.Youll get spells for: attraction: red candle carving and vision board, manifestation communication: a lapis lazuli charm and color magick, sweetening the environment for affection and gentleness: honey jar and sugar lip scrub, passion and desire: a venus invocation healing a broken heart with black salt or a cord-cutting obsidian blade.A 5" x 7" hardcover book with 144 pages.

Magical Rituals For Love By Donna Rose
Magical Rituals For Love By Donna Rose $19.92

Full of simple spells that help you obtain love, sex and relationships, magical rituals for love is full of traditional rituals and charms that have been used for generations.

Magickal Family By Monica Crosson
Magickal Family By Monica Crosson $29.34

A hands-on guide to raising a magickal family in the modern world the magickal family is a real-life guide for those who want to practice magick and simplicity but need a little nudge to take a break from the workaday world.Filled with tips, ideas, stories, and projects to bring you and your family closer to nature and to celebrate the god and the goddess, this book shows how to be true to your magickal self while raising little witchlingsor helping others with theirs.Discover how to create the life you want through gardening, kitchen witchery, diy projects, and celebrations based on the wheel of the year.Includes more than 65 rituals, blessings, recipes, crafts, and activities.Trade paperback.