Saint Brigid Pewter Saint Brigid Pewter
Saint Brigid Pewter $24.83

Saint brigid of kildare is one of the patron saints of ireland along with st.Patrick and st.Columba and one of the major deities of the celts.She is also known as the goddess of the brigantes in northern england, and represented the sister or virgin aspect of the great goddess.The root word or her name means bright or exalted and is associated with the power of life and the feast of imbolc.

1 1-2
1 1-2" Lune Noir $45.61

A dolorous and dark waning moon drips the portent of an oppressive and melancholy episode.Let the power of the moon bestow your attire.A large, smooth crescent moon in pewter set with five descending swarovski crystals, black diamond and oval-shaped, and with a black crystal dropper.On split curb chain 20", 2.64" x 1.89" x.28".

Stone Chip Necklace Various
Stone Chip Necklace Various $10.83

Stone chips in small corked bottle.Assorted stones, sold separately, our choice.

32" Black Stone Chip Necklace $15.83

Long chip necklace with black stones.Great to where for grounding as darker stones resonate with earth energy.32" long and sizes may vary slightly.

Tree Of Life Harmony Ball
Tree Of Life Harmony Ball $24.83

The tree of life necklace that has two changeable options.Comes with a harmony ball that emits a sweet, soothing, soft angelic chime, and a lava bead that can be paired with your favorite scent.Great detail in this silver toned tree of life.This set includes a tree of life cage pendant that is 1 1/4" wide, lava bead for aromatherapy, 31" silver plated brass chain.

Brown Beaded Bone Choker
Brown Beaded Bone Choker $18.08

For jewelry or protection, this lovely choker is made in the image of those worn by various native american peoples.Leather, bone hair beads, metal & glass beads.24 x1

Thor's Hammer W- Celtic Knotwork
Thor's Hammer W- Celtic Knotwork $18.08

This large thors hammer pendant is a formidable representation of the old faith of the norse people.Has cord.1 1/2" x 1 1/2".Made in usa.

Bastet Choker
Bastet Choker $44.01

Bastet goddess choker by alchemy england.Extraordinary design for extraordinary individuals with piercing red eyes and a silver toned bell attached to the bastet's ear.38" long and 1' wide black suede choker.Bastet charm measures 1 3/4" x 1 /12" at farthest points.

Inverted Cross Sterling
Inverted Cross Sterling $30.45

The inverted cross, also known as the cross of saint peter, rendered in a simple and unadorned style.Has cord.925 sterling silver.1" x 5/8"

Lucifer Pendant
Lucifer Pendant $18.08

Featuring of lucifer with a reversed pentagram between his horns, this pendant is a great way to show your devotion to the left hand path.Has cord.Pewter.2 1/4" x 2 3/4".Made in usa.

32" Turquoise Color Chip Necklace $15.83

Long turquoise colored white howlite chip necklace with in a variety of sizes that are 32" long.Howlite is a calming stone and may help with calm communication, awareness, emotional expression, and helps balance the calcium in the body.32" long in a variety of shapes, sizes, and coloring, chosen at random.

Square Amber Resin Necklace
Square Amber Resin Necklace $31.99

This small, beautifully sculpted brass cube contains 5g of amber resin.Has cord.3/8"

Vampire Ankh With Skulls
Vampire Ankh With Skulls $18.08

This highly detailed, heavy weight, ankh is decorated with a central flaming sword, the eyes of horus & ra, skulls and a pentacle.Has cord.Pewter.3 x 1 1/2.Made in usa.

Pewter Pentagram Pendant
Pewter Pentagram Pendant $18.08

Simple and elegant, this pendant displays the symbol with clean and uncomplicated lines.Pewter.Has cord.1 1/2" made in usa.

Pewter Pentagram Pendant
Pewter Pentagram Pendant $18.08

This is a large unadorned pentagram, powerful in its simplicity.Pewter.Has cord.1 3/4".Made in usa.