Marijuana Herb Grinder
Marijuana Herb Grinder $21.45

Decorated with a carved marijuana leaf on the top of this wooden herb grinder.This is the perfect addition to your magical pratice, helping you to prepare your herbs.3" (sheesham wood)

Roots Branches & Spirits By H Byron Ballard
Roots Branches & Spirits By H Byron Ballard $26.14

The southern appalachians are rich in folk magic and witchery.This book explores the region's customs and traditions for magical healing, luck, prosperity, scrying, and more.Author h.Byron ballard, known as the village witch of asheville, teaches you about the old ways and why they work, from dowsing to communicating with spirits.Learn the deeper meaning of haint blue doors, magic hands for finding, and medicinal herbs and plants.Discover tips for creating tinctures and salves, attuning to the phases of the moon, interpreting omens, and other folkways passed down through the generations.Part cultural journey and part magical guide, this book uncovers the authentic traditions of one of north america's most spiritually vibrant regions.A 5.25" x 8" paperback book with 224 pages.

Mythology For A Magical Life By Ember Grant
Mythology For A Magical Life By Ember Grant $28.27

Explore the creative depths of myths, fairy tales, and folklore, where you'll gain extraordinary insights about both the world and yourself.Featuring more than a dozen amazing tales and their related spells, meditations, and affirmations, mythology for a magical life shows you how to elevate your practice in ways you never imagined.These stories come from cultures all over the globe, offering you a deep connection to the human experience.Popular author ember grant shares an impressive collection of myths, themes, and hands-on activities that enhance your skills and add new energy to your magic.Discover what the story of cupid and psyche can teach you about the journey of your soul.Learn how trickster folklore can inspire you to seize new opportunities in your life.Embrace your primal self with the maid-of-the-wave's tale.This compulsively readable book enriches your craft through the power of storytelling.A 6" x 9" paperback book with 240 pages.

Witch's Athame
Witch's Athame $31.98

Full of practical applications for both the circle and the home, the witch's athame shows you how to utilize the ritual blade to its highest potential.Discover everything you need to know about finding the right athame, personalizing and consecrating it, and using it in your practice.Tracing this impressive tool from ancient times to the present day, the witch's athame presents the symbolism, history, and modern uses of the ritual blade.Also featured throughout are "getting to the point," short segments of wisdom by knowledgeable writers.From contemporary athames made of stone and crystal to folklore about knives in magic, this book helps enhance your craft and appreciation of such a versatile tool.

Metal Burner W- Wooden Handle
Metal Burner W- Wooden Handle $32.70

Black aluminum burner with a wooden handle.Safely burn your items in this unique burner.Great lid with holes, allowing the fragrance's of your practice to fill your environment.3 1/2" across lip and stands 2 1/2".Made in india

3"+ Jasper, Bumble Bee Obelisk $36.80

Bumble bee jasper obelisk points from indonesia.Bumble bee jasper is a combination of different matters including volcanic.Know for its lovely coloring resembling bubble bees coloring.A great stone to activate the sacral and solar plexus chakra, helping with change, new opportunities, self esteem, digestion, nervous system and circulatory issues.Each single piece is 3+ inches and will vary in sizes, shapes, and colors, as well as natural inclusions.

Witch's Wand
Witch's Wand $31.98

With a wave and a flick, you'll discover the fascinating history, tradition, and modern uses of the wand.From a variety of spells and rituals to methods for making your own wand, master wandmaker alferian gwydion maclir presents a wealth of knowledge that witches of all levels can use.Filled with valuable information on crafting wands with specific stones or crystals, incorporating the magical qualities of trees, and using wands and staves in ceremonies and seasonal festivals, the witch's wand is a fun, easy to use guide to these powerful tools.It also features nuggets of wisdom written by well known witches that show how the wand is a constant companion and source of inspiration in the magical life.

1 1-2 +
1 1-2 +" Angel Aura Qtz Point $25.95

Angel aura quartz gets its amazing iridescent rainbow colors through a special coating process.This is a high vibrating crystal that will offer insight and divine connection.May also help you with balance, integration of the light body on this earth plane.Each point is unique in size, shape, colors and inclusions.1 1/2" plus in height and made in china.

4" Dragin's Blood Scented Lailokens Awen Candle $29.32

Light to protect yourself or your environment, for power, banishing negative energies, consecration, fertility, or for funerary rites.Made on the day and in the hour of mars.Lightly scented.Approximate burn time: 48 hours

1 Lb Ginger Root Powder (zingiber Officinale)
1 Lb Ginger Root Powder (zingiber Officinale) $25.95

Ginger root or zingiber officinale a tropical plant native to asia.Long history of use in the culinary world as well as a popular ingredient in ayurveda holistic healing.In magical practices it is used for new experiences, adventure, promoting sensuality, sexuality, confidence, and prosperity.In cut form with a pungent scent to be stored in a sealed container away from light, heat, and humidity.1lb.

4" 3rd Pentacle Of Venus Scented Lailokens Awen Candle $29.32

Light to attract love and friendship, or to increase the love that you have.Made on the day and in the hour of the venus.Lightly scented with sandalwood, bergamot, and rose.Approximate burn time: 48 hours

4" Full Moon Scented Lailokens Awen Candle $29.32

Light during your full moon rituals, to honour the moon goddess, and for growth, fulfillment, sex, and love.Made on the day and in the hour of the moon.Lightly scented with jasmine and eucalyptus.Approximate burn time: 48 hours

15ml Anointing Lailokens Awen Oil
15ml Anointing Lailokens Awen Oil $22.58

A general magical anointing oil, use this oil to anoint candles, magical tools, charms, amulets, and your body during ritual.Made on the day and in the hour of either the sun or mercury.15ml bottle

Emf Protection Selenite (set Of 4)
Emf Protection Selenite (set Of 4) $25.95

Set of 4 selenite cell phone stickers for an emf protection shield.Selenite to cleanse and neutralize.It will absorb the radiations of your cell phone or any electronic device.Made in china.

15ml Sexuality Lailokens Awen Oil
15ml Sexuality Lailokens Awen Oil $22.58

Anoint candles, charms, talismans, and your body to increase your sexuality and passions, and to attract sexual partners.Made on the day of mars and in the hour of venus.15ml bottle