Wiccan Goddess Amulet
Wiccan Goddess Amulet $19.20

Sky clad woman holding torque of power with the symbols of moon and gender.Behind her is a pentagram.Start any new with the energy of her and the 5 elements.Made in the u.S.A.Lead free pewter.Silver toned and has cord 1 3/4".

Inverted Pentagram
Inverted Pentagram $19.20

An inverted pentagram with a highly detailed goat head superimposed.Made in u.S.A..Has cord.Lead free pewter.1 1/4".

Pentacle Moon Celestial Amulet
Pentacle Moon Celestial Amulet $20.33

Draw upon the mystic power of the moon with the pentacle moon celestial amulet, which is intended to help you surround yourself with lunar energies.Has cord.Pewter.1 1/4" made in usa

Triple Moon-pentagram Spell Amulet
Triple Moon-pentagram Spell Amulet $19.20

A triple moon symbol and a pentagram are joined within this powerful focus for your magic and a great place to store energy.Stone varies.Made in usa.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1.Made in usa.

Garden Pentagram Amulet
Garden Pentagram Amulet $19.20

Enhancing the power of nature, this amulet is designed to aid and protect the plants you've placed within your garden.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1".Made in usa

Wicca Stability Amulet
Wicca Stability Amulet $20.33

Wear this amulet of a braided crescent moon and interwoven pentagram, to find strength and stability within you and without.Made in usa.Has cord.Pewter.1 1/4

Wish Fulfillment Pentagram
Wish Fulfillment Pentagram $19.20

Using the mystical pentagram to invoke spiritual powers, this powerful amulet aids you in making your wishes come true.Made in usa.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1.

1 1-2
1 1-2" Pentagram Amulet $19.20

This lead free pewter pentagram amulet, pendant, measures 1 1/2" (2" in length including cord loop) in width.Made in u.S.A.Comes with cord.

Endless Light Talisman
Endless Light Talisman $19.20

This illuminating talisman will help open your eyes to the new opportunities ahead of you.Spirit light is endless light.Five points over 10 point star.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1"

Mystic's Waxing Moon Amulet
Mystic's Waxing Moon Amulet $19.20

Wear the mystic's waxing moon to help bring love, money, and positive change into your life.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1 1/4"