.4- .6# Fluorite Obelisk
.4- .6# Fluorite Obelisk $38.40

Fluorite is a mineral that comes in many colors with many wonderful properties.Fluorite may assist you with bone health, organ function, dexterity, balance, self-worth, new ideas and inspiration.Each piece is unique with coloring, size and inclusions.0.4lb-0.6lb limited quantity!

3"+ Ruby Fuchsite Obelisk $23.70

You will be able to enjoy the colors and sparkles this ruby fuchsite obelisk point will provide.Not only is this a stunning piece it is known to be the heart stone, helping to clear blocks and offer support.Natural material and will have flaws in coloring, inclusions, size & shape.From india.

3"+ Various, Tourmalated Obelisk $24.83

Obelisks in a variety of colors and shapes that is our choice.From tourmalated quartz, howlite, and marble let them assist you with problem solving, behavior patterns, problem-solving, depression, and fear.You cant go wrong with any of these unique color forms.Single obelisk that is 3" plus from china.

~4" Tourmaline, Black Obelisk $25.95

Dispel negative energy easily with this tourmaline obelisk.Standing point that offers much grounding and protection.From india.Natural material and will have flaws in coloring, inclusions, size & shape.

3 1-2
3 1-2"+ Tiffany Obelisk $25.95

Tiffany stone or purple passion obelisk carrying a sweet high vibration.This stone is great for developing psychic abilities, creating loving feelings, communication, and may enhance your sexual life.Obelisks range from 3.5" to 3.75" and vary in width.From india.Natural material and will have flaws in coloring, inclusions, size & shape.

3"+ Tiger Eye Obelisk $22.58

Shimmer bands yellow, brown, and gold swirl through this beautiful tiger eye obelisk.This powerful stone that may assist you in new beginnings, intuition, fears, worries, depression and negativity, wealth, strength, and courage.From india.Natural material and will have flaws in coloring, inclusions, size & shape.

1 Lb Fossil Stone, Black Tumbled
1 Lb Fossil Stone, Black Tumbled $60.83

Fossil stones are a wonderful supportive stone for increasing vitality.May help with reducing toxins, anxiety, stress.Fossils have a comforting, calming effect promoting balance of emotions, tranquility, and contentment.Mostly medium to large stone that are black with shades of blue, gray, and white fossil inclusions.Sold by approximate weight, not size or shape of stone.

~3# Quartz
~3# Quartz $72.52

A flat set of quartz points that weights roughly 3lbs.A large variety of sizes and shapes.Stunning healing energy emits from this box.From brazil.

1 Lb Angel White Crystal Points
1 Lb Angel White Crystal Points $115.06

1 lb angel white crystal points, in different lengths and widths.A must have for ritual, craft making, mojo bags, necklaces and more.From china.

1- 1.5# Amethyst Point
1- 1.5# Amethyst Point $56.83

Raw from the mountain, amethyst may assist you in happiness, calming fear, emotional storms, courage, love, peace, addiction, dreams, helps with insomnia and nightmares, and considered the "stone of peace".This large amethyst has polished faceted top with raw stone beneath with cut polished bottom for standing the crystal.Color and density and shape is unique in every specimen.3"- 4 1/2" from brazil.

Merkaba Orgone Crystal Grid Charger
Merkaba Orgone Crystal Grid Charger $28.79

Activated orgone crystal grid charging plate with a quartz point center generator.Powerful charging plate for your special crystals and stones.Orgone assist in purifying electromagnetic radiations as well as calming the mind and assisting in spiritual growth.Reiki infused and woodburned with the merkaba pattern.3.25" wide and ranging in height with the center crystal.Each peice is unique in how it turns out and its magic within.Made in the usa.

3"+ Bowenite Obelisk $25.95

Bowenite is a compact variety of serpentine, long used for jewlry, tools, and weapons.This is known as the stone of love and friendship yet its also a powerful protective energy shield.Bowenite may assist in releasing suppressed emotions by healing them through your dreams.Bring success and move forward with this beautiful stone.3"+ pointed obelisk with a flat bottom.From india.Natural material and will have flaws in coloring, inclusions, size & shape.

Epidote Top Polished Point
Epidote Top Polished Point $32.70

This epidote point also known as pistacite is a fibrous stone with eye catching prismatic crystals.Epidote may be the next best tool for prosperity and manifesting.Each piece will vary in colors and shapes and are between 2-3".From peru.

Apatite Top Polished Point
Apatite Top Polished Point $34.40

If you are looking for inspiration and motivation than an apatite point may help you with this.Each piece is unique in natural color and banding ranging from 2-3" in height.

Double Terminated Rose Quartz Point  2
Double Terminated Rose Quartz Point 2" $21.45

Useful within your crystal healing practice in all manner of ways, this double terminated rose quartz point is both treasured for its beauty and the subtle energy it offers.Rose quartz is like a bubble bath for your emotions.Many wonderful healing properties in this quartz, including, love, forgiveness, phobias, fears, unconditional love, and guilt.Sizes vary: approximately 2".From india.