3" X 3" Smudge Pot $16.95

This classic heavy tin cup has inner coating and has a copper rustic finish with soldered bottom, great as a smudge pot for holding sage or even water or liquid like on an early sailing vessel.This versatile item is 6 fluid oz.2 1/2" tall, 3" wide.

3" Onyx Bowl $20.33

These beautiful green onyx bowls can perfectly suit any circumstance.They can be used upon your altar, for functional purposes on the dinner table.They are approximately 3" in diameter, colors vary.Each bowl is unique after all!

Scrying Bowl Or Smudge Pot 5
Scrying Bowl Or Smudge Pot 5" $31.58

Sculpted from natural soapstone, this bowl is a fantastic piece for your altar, perfectly suited for scrying or in use as a smudge pot.Colors may vary.

Scrying Bowl Or Smudge Pot 4
Scrying Bowl Or Smudge Pot 4" $32.70

Sculpted of soapstone, this bowl makes for a wonderful smudge pot.Colors may vary.