Little Book Of Witchcraft (hc) Little Book Of Witchcraft (hc)
Little Book Of Witchcraft (hc) $27.48

Bring a little magic into your life with this modern guide to white witchcraft.Good-luck charms.Crystal energies.Practical magic.Modern spells via text message.These topics and more are covered in this introductory spell book and guide to meditative visualizationperfect for practitioners and newcomers alike.With chapters on subjects like magical days and times and twenty-first-century spell-casting, the little book of witchcraft is both accessible and inviting.The recipe-like instructions and bullet-point style give readers a straightforward explanation of some of the key features and principles of wicca, even as they discover some of the cool modern applications of these practices.

Elemental Magic By Nigel Pennick
Elemental Magic By Nigel Pennick $30.48

An expert on european rural folk magic traditions, author nigel pennick presents a comprehensive introduction to the principles, rituals, practices, and magical tools required to draw on the magic inherent in the natural world.He explains how people throughout the centuries have built a relationship with the elemental energies around them using simple, everyday practices in order to attune themselves to nature, the seasons, and the cosmos for magical purposes.The author explores earth, mineral, and plant magic as well as the magical properties of the earths cycles and concentrated places of power within the landscape.He examines magical workings with animals, drawing on authentic traditions such as the toadsmen or toadswomen, whose power is given by toads, and the berserker qualities conferred by magical bondings with wild animals like bears and wolves.He explains how to craft your own magical talismans, wands, and divining rods; design your own ceremonies; practice elemental meditations; fortify your health with herbs and crystals; and set an altar with the right food and drink for your intention.Pennick also describes how the practical techniques of natural elemental magic work through interactions between the inner world of the mind and spirit, the outer world, and the otherworldly.He shows that having a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things and the inner power of these magical elements strengthens the practitioners harmony with nature, and thus their power.By harnessing the elemental energies around us, we can work with nature for personal development, spiritual empowerment, and the successful achievement of our desires.A 6" x 9" paperback book with 144 pages.

Path Of The Witch By Lidia Pradas
Path Of The Witch By Lidia Pradas $34.68

Witchcraft is not one defined path rather, it is a diversity of practices you can curate and align with based on your lifestyle and unique gifts.Which witch are you? do you have an affinity for working with plants and herbs for magic and medicine? you may be a green witch.Is the kitchen and home space sacred to you? are you able to tap into the sensory and healing properties of food for spellwork? is cooking an intentional act for you? you may be a kitchen witch.Are you able to easily connect with the spirit world or the liminal realms? you may be a hedge witch.Can you do many practices with ease? you may be an eclectic witch.The path of the witchdescribes the many different types of witches, their gifts and abilities, and their practices.Each path shows readers activities and rituals that they can use to discover and explore that type of witchcraft and discern which one is the fit for them.A paperback 6.7" x 8.85" with 176 pages.

Witch's Broom
Witch's Broom $31.98

Take a magickal flight into the history, tradition, and modern uses of broomsticks.Whether sweeping the floors or helping with spells, rituals, and crafts, the broom is a more versatile tool than you ever imagined.Join deborah blake on a journey through the ages, exploring why broomsticks and witches have always been an inseparable pair.Enjoy broom lore, insights from well-known witchy authors, and instructions for buying or making your own for special occasions.From besoms to broomcorn, the witch's broom is the perfect guide for adding a new facet to your magickal practice.Have a nice flight! a 4.9" x 6.9" paperback book with 304 pages.

Witch's Mirror
Witch's Mirror $31.98

Discover the fascinating history, tradition, and modern uses of the witch's mirror.From choosing and making the perfect mirror to using it to boost self-esteem and prosperity, this book provides valuable information for witches of all levels.Fun and easy to use, the witch's mirror features advice from well-known witches as well as spells and crafts to enhance your magic.Explore the symbols and practice of scrying, uncover the portrayals of mirrors in legends and pop culture, harness the reflective power of mirrors with meditations, and much more.Mickie mueller invites you to gaze through the looking glass and see your magical self wielding the mirror as a key tool to a successful, happy, and enchanted life.A 4.9" x 6.9" paperback book with 288 pages.

Life Ritualized By Lefae & Raven
Life Ritualized By Lefae & Raven $28.27

Dozens of group and solitary activities for ritualizing life's changes commemorate the moments that shape who you are with this book of rituals designed for rites of passage, no matter how big or small.Drawing on almost thirty years of experience in witchcraft and paganism, phoenix lefae and gwion raven offer powerful activities to honor everything from getting a driver's license to starting a coven to retiring.Life ritualized offers clear instructions and inspiring stories to deepen your spirituality.Whether it's a weighty occasion like birth, marriage, or death, or a more private one like blessing a new house or changing jobs, this book provides everything you need to make it a moment of reflection and reverence.These rituals create stronger connections between you and your loved ones, and they also strengthen your relationship with yourself.Featuring guidance on using correspondences and creating unique rites, life ritualized helps you celebrate the adventure of life.A 5.9" x 8.9" paperback book with 224 pages.

Do I Have To Wear Black By Mortellus
Do I Have To Wear Black By Mortellus $36.82

Explore death and dying from the perspective of magical and pagan communities.Filled with rituals, meditations, legal considerations, and practical advice, this book provides profound insights into death as a spiritual process.Within these pages, you will discover more than fifty rituals for funerals, memorials, and remembrances as well as meditations for mourning and letting go.Each chapter shares the beliefs and specific rituals of a distinct tradition, including british traditional wicca, dis-cordianism, eclectic wicca, heathenry, hellenism, druidry, thelema, and more.You will also discover hands-on advice for creating shrouds, coffins, and death masks as well as tips for advanced planning, wills, and power of attorney.Whether you want to share this book with a non-pagan funeral professional, learn what to expect at a pagan funeral, or develop a ritual for a loved one's passing, the wealth of material within is designed to help readers experience final transitions in a spiritually meaningful way.With contributions from a variety of practitioners across many traditions, do i have to wear black? delivers a multitude of magical rites and detailed explanations in one thorough manual.A 7.5" x 9.25" paperback book with 344 pages.

Water Magic By Lilith Dorsey
Water Magic By Lilith Dorsey $27.21

The first entry in llewellyn's exciting new elements of witchcraft series, water magic reveals the amazing possibilities of using water in your modern practice.Once you learn to access the enormous depths of this life-giving and powerful element, it will enhance your magic and help you grow into a better version of yourself.Cleansing and strong, the power of water is all around you and in you.Lilith dorsey presents many ways to incorporate water into your magic, from washes and baths to spells and rituals.Discover how to use the symbols of water in your magical workings.Learn the histories and wisdom of rivers, lakes, and oceans, as well as water's relationship to the wheel of the year.Explore water and its manifestations in mythology and lore and meet the gods and goddesses who rule over the element.A 5.2" x 7.9" paperback book with 288 pages.

Sex Witch By Sophie Saint Thomas
Sex Witch By Sophie Saint Thomas $26.10

Sex witch combines occult knowledge with tried-and-true relationship advice to provide spells for each stage of a relationship.Self-love, seduction, sex, love, protection, revenge, and healing are all covered.The spells, such as a tarot spread to find which relationship format is right for you, no terfs allowed: embrace gender identity, and consecrate sex toys use occult knowledge and saint thomass award-winning relationship writing to manifest a spell book that does something genuinely magickal: it works.Sex witch is real.Love is not always fair.Sometimes we get hurt or hurt others.Using the magic inside, youll learn how to stay balanced during these ups and downs: break toxic cycles.Use candle magic to summon the perfect partner.Embrace and unleash your kinks.Navigate relationships through rough patches.Get over former lovers.Practice self-forgiveness and self-kindness.A 5.9" x 7.9" paperback book with 240 pages.

Beyond Faery By John T Kruse
Beyond Faery By John T Kruse $31.48

Beyond the faery realms, all sorts of magical creatures lurk.This book explores the most fearsome beasts that have been known to meddle in human affairs.Renowned faery expert john t.Kruse reveals the secret lives of merfolk, mermaids, river sprites, kelpies, hags, banshees, and many more.These are not the fanciful faeries and kindly beings found in light entertainment.Instead, you will discover hobs, goblins, bogies, and daemon dogs, magical creatures that are more apt to terrify than to help.Beyond faery shares the features, habits, and history of dozens of these otherworldly beasts, since learning their ways may be just what you need to survive an encounter of your own.A 6" x 9" paperback book with 288 pages.

Personal Magic By Marion Weinstein
Personal Magic By Marion Weinstein $26.10

An exploration of the principles of self-realization through witchcraft in the old days, she writes, a book of shadows was kept for joyful reasons?to pass on the work to others.Every witch who could write had one.During times of repression, these works were a way of preserving the religion.Today, we are back to the original purpose of sharing the craft with others.This book is marions gift to you.It is also an invitation to start creating your own book of shadows.Personal magic is filled with how-to's and practical advice that shows readers how to unlock their psychic abilities to guide them in the creation of their own unique and personal magical work.Every technique is explained in detail, in keeping with weinstein's proviso that one should never attempt to work any magic unless one understands it fully.A 5.2" x 8" paperback book with 240 pages.

Natural Magic By Pamela Ball
Natural Magic By Pamela Ball $31.98

Before formal religion there was magic, and to this day there are people who purport to perform 'miracles' with the aid of magical powers derived from nature or the spirit realm.These powers are still out there to be tapped into by us.All you need is the knowledge and know-how contained in natural magic.The book reveals: how to become a natural magician, using knowledge gathered over thousands of years by magicians and mystic alike.Techniques employing plants, trees, crystals and incense along with meditation, ritual, chanting and dreams.The tools to give expression to your creativity and beliefs.A wide range of methods to bring about positive changes in your life.Natural magic will set you on the path to self discovery.A 6" x 9.1" paperback book with 384 pages.

Book Of Spells, Powerful Magic By Pamela Ball
Book Of Spells, Powerful Magic By Pamela Ball $27.48

Become a competent, confident spell-worker with this practical guide to witchcraft.Containing an extensive collection of traditional spells and techniques, this book will help readers attract positive friendships, love and luck as well as promote healing, careers and protection.The book of spells is an essential reference for anyone wishing to master the incredible art of magic and spell-making.5.9" x 9.1" paperback book with 256 pages.

Spells For Mindfulness By Pamela Ball
Spells For Mindfulness By Pamela Ball $22.98

The modern world moves a mile a minute, and it can be easy to lose yourself in the madness.This practical book provides spells, incantations and charms to improve wellbeing and bring peace and positivity into your life.By being in the moment and stopping busy thoughts, mindful spells can be used to purify emotions, enhance confidence, create new opportunities and embrace the miracle of each day.This volume includes 170 spells, on topics such as: healing the body easing a broken heart attracting extra money achieving a dream job cleansing negative energies with inspirational quotations on mindfulness scattered throughout the pages, this spell-book is the perfect antidote to the busy modern world.A 5" x 7.7" paperback book with 256 pages.

1001 Spells For Every Purpose (hc) By Cassandra Eason
1001 Spells For Every Purpose (hc) By Cassandra Eason $29.31

For love, for money, for career, for home: this comprehensive compendium contains a creative array of 1,001 spells.They cover every conceivable desire, both big (health and healing) and more specific (like selling a house).Twenty different sections, ranging from fertility and travel to protection and justice, contain 50 spells eachculminating in an ultimate spell to end all spells.Along with the spells, theres information on the colors, fragrances, crystals, angels, times of day, and phases of the moon that strengthen each type of magick.