Natute Spirit Tarot (dk & Bk) By Jean Marie Herzel
Natute Spirit Tarot (dk & Bk) By Jean Marie Herzel $45.38

Weaving the wisdom of the tarot with the vastness and mystery of the natural world, this 78-card, full-color deck by artist jean marie herzel offers the complete major and minor arcana interpreted through the lens of nature and the infinite diversity of forms that consciousness displays on our home, the earth.Drawn to the timeless and enduring messages of the tarot and its ability to help us explore the depths of the psyche, herzel carefully researched the inner esoteric meaning of each card and then artfully interpreted that meaning in hand-painted watercolors featuring the colorful language of flowers and symbolic images of plants, birds, insects, reptiles, and gemstones.The symbolism of each card is derived from various traditions of the world, including native american, celtic, and eastern and western philosophy.In the accompanying guidebook, each card is given a two-page description that opens with the traditional tarot meaning of the card, followed by a detailed explanation of the symbolic meaning of the specific plants and animals the card features.For example, on the cover, the magician card shows a merlin falcon, amanita muscaria mushroom, western sword fern, and the eastern pondhawk dragonfly, each of these life forms was chosen because it represents one or more aspects of the magicians meaning in the tarot.The book explains the connections between each form shown and the cards tarot archetype, further illuminating the meaning of the card and how it relates to the natural world, personal development, and the journey of the soul.Revealing a new vision of both the surrounding world and the unexplored territory within, the nature spirit tarot offers a tool to deepen our connection to nature, develop personal awareness, and awaken an understanding of the psychological and spiritual elements at play in our lives.A 6" x 9" box with 78 cards and a guidebook.

Witchling Academy Dk & Bk By Chen & Zhang
Witchling Academy Dk & Bk By Chen & Zhang $37.89

Welcome, new apprentice! your journey through the enchanting world of tarot is about to begin.You'll uncover powerful secrets of magic and divination alongside fellow apprentice charlie and her best friends.Inspired by magical girl anime series, this rider-waite-style deck teaches you how to master the elements and maintain the balance of energies within.The accompanying witchling academy handbook helps you learn the basics of spell work and build a personal connection to the cards.Featuring whimsical artwork and inspiring insights, witchling academy tarot unites fantastic storytelling with life-changing wisdom.A 5.31" x 7.31" box with 78 cards and a 100 page handbook.

Teen Witch Tarot By Tuan & Platano
Teen Witch Tarot By Tuan & Platano $34.65

Fresh, whimsical, lighthearted, and mystical, the teen witch tarot is a perfect deck for simple and easy readings, spell work, divination, and spiritual growth.Designed to present a unique first-person symbolic perspective, these cards feature plenty of broomsticks, torches, cauldrons, and boulders to set a witchy mood.Whether your teen is a seasoned tarot reader or just getting started on their path, this deck is a perfect next step to help them achieve their divinatory goals.Boxed deck is 2" x 4" and ncludes a 78-card deck and instructional booklet

Nature Mini Tarot Bag
Nature Mini Tarot Bag $24.43

Perfect little drawstring pouches for mini tarot cards or crystals.Each pouch is unique with a nature themed pattern and is lined with a coordinating fabric for extra care or your goodies.Will fit most mini tarot decks.Patterns will vary and is our choice.5 1/2" x 4 1/2" sizes may vary slightly made in u.Sa.

3" Triquetra Offering-scrying Bowl $29.59

Silver toned ornate goblet style offering bowl that can be used as a scrying bowl.Triquetra symbol sits on the inside center of this powerful altar tool.4" x 3" silver plated brass.

Shaman Oracle By Wulfing Von Rohr
Shaman Oracle By Wulfing Von Rohr $45.33

Path of the shaman refers to an inner attitude.It requires a naturally attentive yet fully relaxed opening for the wholeness of life.Let us dive into this spiritual way of being and let us start our personal vision quest, our finding and manifesting purpose.In a sensitive manner, author and artist convey many aspects of the background and various ways to access the path of the shaman based on sound mythological, spiritual and historic foundations.The illustrated guidebook provides more information about the origin and meaning of the 40 symbols and images, and also offers instructions for several methods of laying out the cards and interpreting them.Reading and performing the brief rituals and practical exercises will allow you to experience more of the power of these symbols.Includes 40 cards, 180-page full color instruction booklet and spreadsheet.Cards measure: 4.5 in x 2.75 in .

Oracle Of The Trees By Valente & D'angio
Oracle Of The Trees By Valente & D'angio $32.51

Oracle of the trees presents a global voyage among the sacred trees of numerous cults, cultures, past and present.This deck and book set expertly explores botanical wisdom from history, philosophy, myth, magic and spiritual traditions, revealing the profound role trees, real or imagined, have had in our lives.From these stories we learn how the tree can be understood as a bridge between man and the divine.Each trees description includes botanical and historical information, symbology, keywords, meanings, and advice.Instructions are also given for divination.Oracle of the trees helps us discover our destiny, by listening, as in the past, to what they are whispering to us.Set includes 32 cards and 156-page illustrated guidebook.

Wise Dog Tarot By Mj Cullinane
Wise Dog Tarot By Mj Cullinane $32.51

From the creator of crow tarot wise dog tarot was created as a tribute to the unconditional love and loyalty of dogs, large and small.Inspired by the symbolism of rider-waite, these 78 vibrant tarot cards help connect us to the wisdom and intuition that dogs are eager to share with us.Using this unique tarot deck as a healing tool, we can tap into the protective energy dogs bring into our lives, learn to be more in the moment like them, and embrace their pure joy.

Spanish Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Card By Mlle Lenormand (attributed)
Spanish Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Card By Mlle Lenormand (attributed) $19.92

Perfect for teaching yourself or others to use regular playing cards in your divination, the gypsy witch fortune telling playing cards include small descriptive meaning on each card's face.

Portals Of Presence By Deborah Koff-chapin
Portals Of Presence By Deborah Koff-chapin $36.78

Enter a deeper relationship with yourself and the world through the universal language of the human face.The images in this deck were selected from 20 years of work created in the presence of ancient trees, mountains, standing stones, temples, cathedrals, and human wisdom carriers from many lineages.Each face radiates a unique presence.Think of them as allies, nature spirits, beloveds, or visitors from subtle realms.Gaze deeply and explore your relationship with these beings.A 4.5" x 6" box with 72 cards and a 36 page guidebook.

Conjure Cards By Jake Ricjards
Conjure Cards By Jake Ricjards $34.65

For centuries, people living in appalachia have used homemade playing cards for fortune-telling and dream interpretation.This tradition has arisen over many generations of backwoods conjurers, grannie witches, and yarb doctors.The conjure cards fortune-telling deck was created by jake richards (author of backwoods witchcraft) and fashioned after the folklore, superstitions, and dream symbols that he grew up with in western north carolina.Jake offers these common appalachian methods of divination paired with the honored pastime of sharing and interpreting dreams.A 3.25" x 4.25" box with 54 cards and a 64 page guidebook.

Napo Tarot By Lopez & Napo
Napo Tarot By Lopez & Napo $31.44

This 78-card tarot deck was created to remind us of our connection to the cosmos.The inspiration for the napo tarot is based in argentinean myth, culture, and history.Just as the man from the pampas knows what direction to take in the night by reading the stars, so too does the woman from the pueblo know how to intuitively read the archetypical images of the cards.The illustrations have been beautifully rendered by famed argentinean artist napo, who is known for his colorful and distinctive art style.Includes 78 cards with titles in spanish and english and 52-page booklet with tarot meanings in english.A 2.76" x 4.92" box.

Field Tarot By Hannah Elizabeth Fofana
Field Tarot By Hannah Elizabeth Fofana $32.51

The field tarot was created to guide readers through the sacred space ("the field") where the tarot narrative takes place.Inspired by colorful, botanical, and otherworldly dreamscapes, the accessible artwork situates the reader within the scene, allowing them to easily connect with the card meanings.The field tarot acts as an intuitive tool to help readers navigate through life, relationships, and their inner and outward journeys.Includes 78-card deck and 96-page guidebook.5" x 3" box.

Rws Tarot By Pamela Colman Smith
Rws Tarot By Pamela Colman Smith $31.44

Rws tarot deck presents the beloved 1909 artwork of pamela colman smith in a refreshing new palette of soft, subtle colors framed with elegant ivory parchment borders.78-card deck includes a 36-page booklet of tarot meanings with introduction by stuart r.Kaplan.A 4 1/4" x 2 3/4" box

Revival Of The Runes By Stephen Edred Flowers
Revival Of The Runes By Stephen Edred Flowers $29.34

In this exploration of the history of the runes from 1500 ce to the present day, stephen edred flowers examines the five periods of runic revival: the renaissance, the enlightenment, the romantic period, the early 20th century, and the late 20th century.For each period, he discusses both the scholarly studies and those focused on the esoteric mysteries of the runes--and how these two branches of study were at first intertwined yet diverged in later revivals.Focusing in particular on the first runic revival, flowers examines the use of runes during the renaissance by the foremost magicians and scholars of the era, including mystic and scholar johannes bureus, the grandfather of integral runology, who developed his own system known as adalruna.In his examination of the runic reawakening's of the early and late 20th century, flowers looks at how the runes were employed as part of a reassessment of germanic identity, one school of which led to nazi germany.He explains how the nazi use and abuse of the runes was misguided and revealed a lack of comprehension of what earlier rune scholars had discovered through their extensive studies of the past.He also offers a fresh look at the work of guido von list and clears him of his guilt by association with the nazis.Detailing the multilayered history of the runes, the author reveals the integrated way the predecessors of todays rune workers thought and conceived of the runes, highlighting how their discoveries helped shape modern magical practices and scholarly studies.He calls for a return of integral runology as was practiced during the renaissance and before.By reuniting the two branches of runic study, blending the scientific with the magical, we make way for new discoveries in runology and a chance for a full-scale reawakening of integrated runic knowledge.A 6" x 9" paperback book with 240 pages.