Celestial Repose Amulet
Celestial Repose Amulet $20.33

Invoke the quiet peace found in the acceptance of the cycles of nature with this pewter amulet depicting the two most visible symbols of that cycle.Has cord.Pewter.1 1/4".Made in usa

Crow Feather Amulet
Crow Feather Amulet $15.83

Wear or carry the energy of the crow, with this beautifully detailed black crows feather made of pewter.Comes with cord, silver toned lead free pewter.1 3/4" x 1".Made in usa.

Cauldron With Pentacle Amulet
Cauldron With Pentacle Amulet $19.20

The star cauldron amulet is shaped into the image of a traditional cauldron and marked with the five pointed star, it is a powerful symbol of magical rebirth and the forces of creation.Made in u.S.A.Lead free pewter, has cord.1" x 1".

Moon Wishes Amulet
Moon Wishes Amulet $14.70

Helping to channel your positive energy, this moon shaped talisman aids you in making your wishes come true.Has cord.Lead free pewter.1 1/2" x 1"