Rose Quartz Palm Stone
Rose Quartz Palm Stone $21.45

Rose quartz polished palm stone, fits comfortably and soothing into your palm, each gemstone has it's own beautiful individual colors and characteristics.Many wonderful healing properties in this rose quartz, including, love, forgiveness, phobias, fears, unconditional love, and guilt.Stones can vary in size from 1/2' - 1"approximate size 1" x 1 3/4" x 1/2" from china.

Lepidolite Worry Stone
Lepidolite Worry Stone $14.70

This is the perfect stone for a worry stone to help you through your day.Take this out of pocket when you may need energetic assistance with stabilizing your mood, anxiety, balancing your mind and spirit, and harmony.Various sizes, shapes, colors and inclusions in each unique piece.From india.

Flower Of Life Worry Stone W- Hole
Flower Of Life Worry Stone W- Hole $18.08

These worry stones come with a carved flower of life, to help amplify the energy of the crystal.Comes with a hole in it with the option of being worn as a pendant.These are chosen at random and come in amethyst, clear quartz, lapis lazuli, and rose quartz.1 1/2"+ long.

Angelite Worry Stone
Angelite Worry Stone $15.83

Angels will be close by when you have this worry stone on you.Keep this powerful little piece in your pocket for times of stress, worry, & anxiety.Rub the smooth texture surface and watch your worries go away.

Fluorite Palm Stone
Fluorite Palm Stone $21.45

Fluorite polished palm stone, fits comfortably and soothing into your palm, each gemstone has it's own beautiful individual colors and characteristics.Approximate size 1" x 1 3/4" x 1/2".From china.

1 Kg Jade, Black Palm Stone (~18-pk)
1 Kg Jade, Black Palm Stone (~18-pk) $113.59

In this powerful batch, you will receive 1kg of various sized black jade palm stones.Black jade is primarily black in color with these microscopic inclusions that create some unique patterns in each piece.This stone is like having a guard walking around with you, as it is a very protective stone, shielding you anger, forceful people, negative entities, and energy vampires.Sizes, shapes, and inclusions may occur.1kg from pakistan with various size palm stones.

Tourmailne Flower Of Life Palm Stone
Tourmailne Flower Of Life Palm Stone $32.70

Hold this palm stone when you feel you need a little assistance with feeling safe, protected or grounded.Flower of life carved into this special palm stone.Black tourmaline also acts as a vacuum with negative energy, making this a great piece to take anywhere with you.Ranging in size up to 3" and each one being unique in shape and size.

Bloodstone Worry Stone Bloodstone Worry Stone
Bloodstone Worry Stone $12.45

You feel yourself getting grounded when you hold this worry stone.Bloodstone has been known for its healing properties for thousands of years.Get yourself grounded while cleansing & detoxifying the body.Simply hold in palm or rub between your fingers in times of need.Comes in its natural coloring and inclusions with beautiful bands of colors throughout.Sizes range anywhere from 1" to 2" and each piece is unique, made in india.

Rhodonite Palm Stone
Rhodonite Palm Stone $29.59

This rhodonite stone will sit perfectly in your palm while bringing you its healing of forgiveness and love.Rhodonite may also assist you with memory, arthritis, light sensitivity, throat infections, stress and mental unrest, forgiveness, compassion, fears, anger, and heal your heart chakra.Many uses for palm stones in various massage techniques as well as in meditation.From peru.

Chevron Amethyst Worrystone
Chevron Amethyst Worrystone $19.20

This worry stone, carved from the beloved chevron amethyst, follows the traditions born in ancient greece.Held in your hand, it is traditionally rubbed with the thumb to help relieve worries.Chevron amethyst may assist you with purifying, stress relieving, self discovery, peace of mind, relaxation, the immune system and cleansing of your aura.Shapes may very slightly.Size will vary from the average 1 1/2"

Calcite, Pink Worrystone
Calcite, Pink Worrystone $12.45

Large pink calcite worry stone.Pink calcite is known to be a stone of well being and peace, it is also known to be very calming and helps heal through its amazing vibration.Enhancing compassion towards others and works with the heart chakra.2 x 1.1/2" sizes and shapes will vary slightly.

Pyrite Palm Stone
Pyrite Palm Stone $29.32

Negative energy will have a hard time getting in with this pyrite palm stone in your hand.Known also as fools gold and is a symbol of wealth and good luck.Pyrite enhances strength of the mind and will power with its masculine energy.Often used to attract abundance and prosperity in your life.Protect yourself with this powerful piece.Each stone is unique in color as well as in size.From peru.

Serpentine Worry Stone
Serpentine Worry Stone $14.70

It is an earthing stone which opens up new pathways for kundalini energy.Has been used in meditation practices as it enhances your spiritual exploration.May also assist with wisdom retrieval, memory of past lives, and clearing all chakras and opening psychic abilities.Keep this stone in your pocket and let it assist you by gently rubbing the surface with your intentions.1.5" from india.Sizes may vary slightly.

Bone Worry Stone
Bone Worry Stone $10.83

Held between the index finger and thumb, this worry "stone" has been carved from polished bone.Rub it while holding it in your palm, and focusing on your worries to help them go away.1 - 1 3/4"

Sodalite Worry Stone
Sodalite Worry Stone $12.45

Sodalite worry stone.