The Power of Gold

More than any other substance, gold has captured the imagination, and desire, of people the world over for hundreds of years. The sheer value we have placed upon gold, the ends we’ve gone to attain it, and the romanticism that grew up around it, are enough to lend gold a lot of power in the universal unconscious energy. As witches and all practitioners of magick know, we are all connected. Linking our magickal energies into the universal unconscious flow of the human spirit can be a powerful action.

Symbolically, the color gold is about active, fiery power. In the Elemental circle, its direction is South, and its element is Fire. Gold channels the power of the Sun. As the sustainer of all life on Earth, the Sun, and the color gold, symbolizes strength, light, heat, and power.  In traditional pagan systems such as Wicca, gold is considered a “male” color – in that it signifies physical strength and power. The Sun is bright, forceful, and forthright, whereas the Moon, in contrast, is subtle and mysterious. Gold is for actively embracing a “Seize the Day!” mentality!

The symbolism of gold is multifaceted, and includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. When considering the physicality that working with the color gold can bring into your life, imagine yourself at your peak physical state. Gold symbolizes health and strength. Think of the ability to run, jump, dance, swim for miles, and move gracefully and forcefully through all of life. Think of a healthy immune system; imagine rarely catching a cold or having headaches. Gold is a surfeit of powerful energy and the physicality of a Greek goddess or god in their youthful exuberance.

The mental symbolism of gold is like the physical. Strength of resolve, solidity of Will, clarity of understanding, and deep knowledge and security in one’s sense of Self are all qualities associated with gold. To consider the mental state of yourself when harnessing the power of the color gold, imagine clarity of thought. Determination that does not flag or grow exhausted. A Will that resists laziness and does not bend to peer pressure. Utilizing a “golden” mentality, one is enthusiastic and joyful, lacking in depression and cynicism, and full of a spirit of optimism. 

As witches, we often deal with the mysterious, the concealed, and the subconscious. We tend to be stronger, therefore, in our Moon-like attributes, in our silver-like skills. Therefore, courting the attributes of the color gold can enhance our magickal practices greatly. When considering what a witch who is strong in their “golden” attributes is like, imagine yourself standing in a sunlit clearing in the middle of the deep and wild woods. You are alone, free, and standing tall in your power as your arms stretch above you towards the Sun you are embodying. You are aware of the mystery, and sometimes the darkness, around you, but it does not cause you sadness or fear. As a witch strong in your golden qualities, you are in control of your mighty powers, you are aware of your power, and you can feel your power glowing inside you. You are truly radiant, like the sun, and you sustain your life, giving vitality to those around you as well.  

Whether writing a spell or incorporating more gold into your ritual or home spaces, there are many objects you can include. The majestic lion is the ultimate power animal symbolizing the qualities of gold. A lion totem or figurine at the South point of an altar makes a powerful statement. Birds who share symbolism with gold include the goldfinch, canary, and the gull. Plants and herbs for gold include marigold, buttercup, sunflowers, St. John’s Wort, Chamomile, Rosemary, and Saffron. Other flowers associated with gold are Snapdragons, Daffodils, and Daisy. Gracing your environment with a bouquet of any of these flowers is sure to welcome more sunny gold energy into your spaces. Associated stones, besides gold itself, include toaz, yellow diamond, pyrite, malachite, tiger’s eye, and petrified wood. Scents and oils that harken to gold are cinnamon, frankincense, patchouli, and cedar.

Gold has importance in magickal practices both historical and contemporary. For yogic traditions, and magickal traditions that honor the chakras, gold is included in the 3rd solar plexus chakra. Working with this chakra strengthens mental activities, hones the intellect, clarifies the Will, and enhances personal power.

For those who work with the Tarot as a tool of divination, gold is encompassed in the Major Arcana card The Sun. Consider this tarot card to determine if working with the color gold is needed in your personal magickal journey. Look at the meaning of the Sun card if it appears reversed in a tarot reading. Do you feel a lack of vitality in your life? Do you need to get in touch with your deeper emotions, connecting with and soothing your “inner child”? Are you feeling down, or depressed one moment and overly, hectically optimistic the next? Do you wish you felt more positivity, warmth, and success in your daily life? It may be time to turn that Sun right-side up and working with gold may be the key.

As we grow in our Craft, we appreciate more and more the subtle energetic influences surrounding us.  Moreover, we gain skills in influencing those energies. To bring more of the powers and attributes of gold into your life, simply change your decor to include golden items. If you are not up for redecorating, you can temporarily dedicate a room to gold, or spruce up your magickal practice area(s) with more gold.

Encouraging more “goldenness” into your life can be about monetary success. Remember the old adage, “all that glitters is not gold.”  Consider “success” as being more than monetary.  Rather, whether considering changing your decor, sprucing up your altar and magickal working areas, or writing spells to attract more gold-like elements, dwell upon what is more valuable and more precious to you.  And may your life glow radiantly.

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